Question: XPS extruded plate Why do not absorb water, low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect

XPS board is made from polystyrene, a variety of additives, foaming agent to be mixed in the extruder, the molten, pressurized and kneaded after die extrusion, pressure release, the blowing agent gasifying the formation of tiny bubbles, is clad in polystyrene membrane vesicles, cooling stereotypes formation of uniform cross-section, closed-cell honeycomb panels. This structure determines its excellent thermal insulation properties, the thermal conductivity is lower than that (0.027) is a closed-cell structure, low water absorption.

Question: XPS extruded board is the bulk density of the heavier the better

Some manufacturers mislead consumers on the market today, said the the XPS product bulk density of the heavier, the better. In fact, we must first confirm that we need insulation materials it uses insulation is used. The heavier the better based on the theory, the product does not foam heaviest, we will buy it? Bulk density of the heavier product foaming bad, and that the poor performance of thermal insulation. The lighter the better? Nor. The foaming is too light compressive strength products. XPS extruded plate only suitable foam insulation in order to achieve the effect of the insulation to be able to play, and the structure of the cell uniformity determines the performance of the product.

Question: Bulk density, compressive strength and thermal insulation properties

The normal requirements of the XPS board: good thermal insulation, high compressive strength. But this is conflicting. High compressive strength and capacity of major products, low expansion ratio, the thermal insulation performance; good insulation, high expansion ratio, the product is light density, compressive strength decreased; appropriate relationship between, guarantee the performance of key products; ensure high expansion ratio, but the compressive strength is ideal product. That bulk density of the lighter products, high compressive strength, is the best product.

Question: Cell structure, compressive strength and thermal insulation performance relationship

The cell structure: cell diameter size and shape of the cell. Good quality products: cell structure: the uniform distribution of small cell size finer cell, the bubble hole is circular in shape; sealed under a microscope appear as a honeycomb structure, fine cell and the cell, cell size The circular therefore compressive strength, good thermal insulation properties. Poor quality products: cell structure: cell size thick, uneven in size, large and small. Uneven cell distribution, the shape of the cell displayed the tensile direction oblong or thickness direction the oblong or width direction oblong; display under the microscope for the uneven part of the opening grooved aperture, coarse bubble holes and bubbles hole less size long round therefore compressive strength, poor thermal insulation properties.

Question: XPS board quality new materials with recycled material product manufacturing the same

Product quality and production of new materials and recycling old material is definitely different. New material polystyrene containing double bonds of low molecular weight polymerization, the molecular weight of a large, very long chain molecules. In the molding process can ensure that the foam cells is a good film-forming properties, the uniform opening of the formation of the bubble, the cell wall is thin, a high compressive strength product. Product into small pieces by hand and broke off, rebound after pinching force; uniform in all directions hardness of the new material products; new material products light fell on the desk surface to send a gentle percussion; recycling old material after a number of high-temperature, high pressure and shearing, the molecular chain is cut shorter, the molecular weight becomes smaller, broken hole ratio becomes larger, the deterioration of the film forming properties of the foam cells, porogen poor hole wall thickening, hardness becomes large, and poor flexibility, the product life is shortened , insulation performance deterioration. With. Hand and broke off a small piece, and does not rebound after pinching force. Epidermal hardness recycling old material products, soft heart, finger pressure core part does not rebound; issue crisp rigid percussion recycling old material light fell on the desk surface.

Question: Cause construction costs to meet 65% of energy requirements, to replace EPS polystyrene board with XPS board greatly improve it

Would not significantly improve; XPS extruded plate and EPS polystyrene board compared to the former price is higher than the latter, but the 65% energy efficiency standards, the Beijing area 8-10 cm thick EPS polystyrene board, XPS extrusion board of only 5 cm thick. Selection of different thicknesses, different construction practices caused the insulation system construction project cost is almost the same. XPS board and EPS polystyrene board application effect. XPS extruded plate constant coefficient of thermal resistance is essentially the same, non-absorbent, compression and high capacity, long life; EPS polystyrene board thermal resistance coefficient over time will gradually become larger, easy-absorbent, compressive and bearing capacity and easy aging, life does not last long.

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